Why our meat is Better


How do you ever know exactly what you are purchasing and eating?

It is very hard when you are purchasing your food from large corporations.  Now you can purchase your food directly.  Enjoy feeling more connected to your food and making healthier choices, without the additives.

When you source your food from us, you are joining a community that cares about the conditions for raising animals, improving the livelihoods of Australian farming families and sharing healthier meals.

A dedication to quality means a number of things. We guarantee the following for every product you purchase from Stockman Steaks.

100% Pasture Raised

Pasture raised means raised on grass and free to roam on open pastures.

Our animals have been raised on vast open grass fields, where they are free to eat fresh grass, breathe clean air and live as nature intended.

None of our cattle are exposed to factory conditions, which involve mass production solely to reduce cost. We pride ourselves on producing ethical raised meat so our customers can feel good about purchasing from us.

Cattle raised on open pastures, contribute to a system of regenerative agriculture which is better for Australia and the planet.

100% Australian Owned

Everything you purchase from Stockman Steaks is born in Australia and raised in Australia.

There is never a single exception to this so you can be guaranteed that your meat is of Australian quality.

We are also a 100% Australian owned small business that sources all of it's materials locally. 

We have also sourced eco-friendly packaging material that we talk about in our section on Eco-friendly boxes.

Sourced Direct From Australian Farmers

When you purchase from Stockman Steaks, you are supporting Australian farmers and their families, who care about their animals and their land.

Our offerings have been sourced directly from them. This ensures you are benefiting from the world’s highest standards Australia has to offer.

100% traceability to Australian farmers.
We don't stop there.

Every Stockman Steaks product can be directly traced to the Australian farm where it came from.

Wet Aged Steaks

Stockman Steaks are wet-aged for a minimum of 14 days for maximum tenderness and exceptional flavour.  This is done in a specialized, refrigerated room dedicated to this process.

Steaks purchased at a grocery store may not be aged at all.  This is why you will notice they don't taste like a top restaurant dish when you cook it at home.

There is no moisture loss with wet aging.  The steak becomes more tender, sweet, juicier and robust. Wet-aged steaks have a fresher, more subtle beef flavour compared to dry-aged steaks.

When ordering your ethical meat delivery from us, our incredible wet-aged steaks will give you a restaurant quality experience at home.

Non - GMO

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are living organisms whose genetic
material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering.

We guarantee you will never consume a GMO item when ordering your ethical meat delivery from Stockman Steaks.

Certified Humane - Raised & Handled

Are humane standards important to you?

All of our cattle have been checked by independent third-party auditors, to uphold the Australian Certified Humane cattle welfare standards.

The auditors are able to immediately access verifiable details of the animal’s life and confirm where the animal was born, grass-fed and humanely raised in Australia.

When purchasing from us, you can be sure that everything is certified humane, both raised and handled. We take the extra step to ensure we produce ethically raised meat that is pasture-raised and grass-fed.


Australian pasture-fed beef is a vastly fuel-efficient system when compared
with grain-fed beef production.

This is because grain-fed beef production includes fuel and environmental costs such as working the soil, sowing seeds and harvesting and transporting the grain. By raising our cattle solely on pasture, we contribute to a more sustainable future.

You can feel good about eating our sustainable meat.

Ethically Raised

Ethically Sourced

We have incredibly high standards for the health and welfare of our beef cattle. Our cattle have plenty of room to roam around on open fields and live a natural life as opposed to factory-raised cattle.

All information about our cattle is included in the Australian national tracking system (NLIS) which means every single animal’s movement is tracked throughout its whole life.

You can be sure that when you purchase from Stockman Steaks, you are getting ethically raised meat.

Pasture-raised, free-range chicken

At Stockman Steaks, our chickens are pasture-raised and free-range, ensuring that when you purchase our products, they taste better, and you feel better.

Our chickens roam free on acres of green pasture and live in an environment that has been designed to make them feel as comfortable and carefree as possible.

They are all 100% Australian owned and grown.

The chickens enjoy having the option to snack on whatever is on offer in the pasture. We also make high-quality feed available to them, which is designed to ensure they are as natural and healthy as possible. This feed has no antibiotic growth promoters, no preservatives, or growth hormones.

There is no use of anti-biotics or growth hormones ever.

When chickens are allowed ample time outside, they can forage by scratching and pecking at the ground, eating insects, worms, grains, and grass from the soil, and harvesting seeds.

All systems used in their production are accredited by Free Range Egg and Poultry Australia (FREPA), BRC, CODEX HACCP and Aus-Meat.

All our chicken products are ethically produced and delivered from farm to table, ensuring that our customers can enjoy ethically raised meat.

Pasture-raised chicken is not only healthier to consume; it is healthier for the planet and healthier for the chickens.

What is the difference between regular free-range v pasture-raised chicken?

At Stockman Steaks, we go the extra mile with ensuring ethically raised meat. Our chickens are not only free-range, but they are also pasture-raised. What’s the difference? To qualify as free-range, chickens in Australia must have “meaningful and regular access” to an outdoor range during daylight hours.

However, despite being ‘free-range’, these chickens can still be stocked at 10,000 per hectare, resulting in animals that are not necessarily ‘free’.

Our pasture-raised, free-range chickens are raised in paddocks and have more than just freedom from confinement, they have the freedom to behave naturally.

They roam freely on fresh pasture where they exhibit natural behaviour to dust bathe, scratch and forage, and to eat worms, grubs and insects.

Hormone & Anti-biotic Free

Our products are 100% hormone and anti-biotic free. We pride ourselves in providing high-quality, natural meat, which means no hormones or anti-biotics are used for growth promotion.

You can rest assured that no additives are present in our product. Enjoy better quality meat, that is healthy for you.

 Pork raised in eco-shelters

Our Pork is sourced directly from farms in the beautiful Riverina region of Australia.

In these farms, the health and welfare of these animals is paramount and goes even further than raising pigs in eco-shelters. High Country Pork is a premium product that leads the industry in environmentally sustainable strategies and building animal welfare programs.

The carefully managed herd is raised in large breezy shelters where they can forage freely in straw and socialize naturally.

We are not infusing anything into the pork, to provide our customers with clean items.

It is vacuum sealed within 24 hours of leaving the farm, which is why the range of pork is so tender and delicious.

Nitrate Free Pork Bacon & Beef Bacon

At Stockman Steaks, we pride ourselves on producing premium, natural products. Both our pork bacon and beef bacon are completely free from nitrates and sulphites. They are also gluten free, dairy free, soy free and contain zero allergens.

Pure Burgers And Pure Mince

Our burger and mince products contain just one ingredient: either 100% pasture-raised beef or 100% pasture-raised lamb.

There are no binders or fillers, not even any flavours or spices added to our burger and mince products. They are gluten free, dairy free, seed oil free and allergen free.

By ordering from Stockman Steaks, you can enjoy eating burgers and mince with no additives.

Everything we sell is gluten free, dairy free & nut free.

All our items in every box are gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free.

This means that you can consume all our products even with dietary restrictions such as lectin-free, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free and nut free. At Stockman Steaks, you can rest assured that our meat has no additives. We produce quality Australian ethically raised meat. Simple as that.


Low-histamine meat.


Our meat is low-histamine as we flash-freeze and vacuum seal all of our products immediately upon production.  Otherwise, if you purchase any meat that is not frozen it is aging and increasing in its histamine level for an unknown period of time.

Furthermore, we wet-age our steaks as opposed to dry-aging them.  The surface of dry-aged meat is exposed to dry air, which creates a protective crust.  This results in higher histamine levels.  Our wet-aged steaks are much lower in histamine.