Where do you deliver?

Our chilled transport services cover over 96% of the Australian population. This includes the capital cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and Perth, plus Newcastle, Far North Queensland (Cairns, Port Douglas, Townsville, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Yepoon, Mackay, ) Also Coffs Harbour, North West Tamworth and Armidale, Orange, Dubbo, Mudgee, Bathurst, Lithgow, Forbes, Parkes and Wellington. Plus, many more areas.

What happens if you don’t deliver to my area?

If you live in one of the few regional areas that we do not cover, our system will not process your order and will alert you. You have no risk of being charged.

How long does shipping take?

Deliveries in metro areas normally take 4 working days.  Some regional areas may take longer.

Will I receive a delivery notification?

We email you every time after you order to let you know the day of delivery.  If the day does not suit you, you can always change it.  The night before delivery we send you an SMS to let you know the delivery time the next day.  We also send out an sms notification as soon as the box has been delivered.

Do I need to be home to sign for delivery?

No signature is required for delivery. We ship every box with our insulated system plus multiple gel ices packs which has been tested, so every item will stay completely frozen while in transit and all day while you are at work even in hot temperatures. That said, you should plan to unpack it and put it away in your freezer or fridge as soon as possible

Is Shipping Free?

Yes, all Stockman Steaks Boxes are delivered 100% FREE.

Do you offer express shipping?

We do not offer expedited shipping options. We will always aim to deliver free and as quickly as possible.

How will my order be shipped?

All of our products are shipped fully frozen and packed in an insulated box with gel ice packs to ensure it remains frozen from our door to yours. Our cuts are individually vacuum sealed in high quality, airtight packages to lock in freshness and ensure a long shelf life in your freezer.

Is the packaging recyclable?

Our packaging is both 100% FSC certified recyclable and 100% sustainable. Please see our section on Eco Friendly packaging for more information.



What are the benefits of subscribing?

Free burgers for LIFE!

If you choose to make your order a repeat order and subscribe, you will receive FREE Grass Fed, Grass Finished Burgers with every order for life. Plus, you will always have a fridge and freezer full of meat.

Can I cancel or change my subscription order?

Absolutely. You can choose to pause, cancel or modify your order at absolutely any time, unless it has already been processed.  We do not have a 14-day time window to cancel or any delays as long as your most recent order has not been charged and processed.


How accurate are your product weights?

All of the weights of our products have a plus or minus 5% variance for boneless choices and a 10% plus or minus variance for bone in choices and whole primals or entire cuts of meat.

Is your traditional bacon nitrate free?

Yes, our traditional bacon is nitrate and sulphite free.

How many ingredients are in your burgers and mince?

Just one single ingredient - Either beef or lamb.  No preservatives or fillers, no additional ingredients.  Pure meat and nothing else.  Gluten free and dairy free.

Are your products halal or non-halal?

All of our products are non-halal.

Are your products gluten free?

All of our products are gluten free.

Are your products dairy free?

All of our products are dairy free.

Are your products nut free?

All of our products are nut free.

Does the meat arrive cooked?

No, our meat is all flash frozen and vacuum sealed after processing to allow you to cook it the way you like.

How long do the products last before expiry?

Our flash frozen process gives most of our items close to a 12-month expiry date if they are kept frozen.

They have a one week shelf life once they are defrosted in the fridge as long as they are kept vacuum sealed.

What is the quality difference buying from Stockman Steaks compared to a butcher or supermarket?

Stockman Steaks enables you to ensure you are getting exceptional quality with every single item. All of our products are pasture-raised, Australian raised, Australian owned, traceable, ethically raised and ethically soured and humane. Plus, all of our steaks are wet-aged for 14 days. Please see our Why our meat is better section for a lot more information on the quality of our products.



When will my credit card be charged?

Your card will be charged one box at a time, starting approximately 1 hour after completing checkout. For subsequent recurring membership boxes, your credit card will only be charged the day before we pack and ship out your next subscription box.

Is my credit card secure?

Yes. We use the Shopify payment gateway which is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a security standard for organizations that handle credit and debit card information. The standard was created to increase controls around payment data to reduce fraud.


Stockman Steaks provides general product information and product images for your convenience. This information and images are intended as a guide only, because products change from time to time. Please read product labels before consuming. If you require specific information to assist with your purchasing decision, we recommend that you email us at orders@stockmansteaks.com.au or call us on 1800 57 32 42. Product ratings and reviews are provided by our customers online. Stockman Steaks does not represent or warrant the accuracy of any statements, claims or opinions made in product ratings and reviews.

All of the weights of our products have a plus or minus 5% variance for boneless choices and a 10% plus or minus variance for bone in choices.

Refunds and replacements.

Please contact our Stockman Steaks team on either orders@stockmansteaks.com.au or 1800 573 242 in regards to changes, cancellations, refunds or replacements.

We will provide a refund or replacement where required to do so by law.

Where you contact us regarding a refund or replacement, we reserve the right to request photographs or any other reasonable evidence from you of, or in relation to, any products in question.

We also have the right to request photographic ID from you as the customer to verify your identity.